Featured Artist: Ben Liney

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In his series: “Surface,” artist Bin Liney explores a deep and rich world of texture and no color to create abstracted artwork that elicits gutteral reactions from the viewer. There’s something very disturbing in not being able to suss out the scale of things. Are we looking at something super close up? Are we looking at something big from very far away? Are we looking at something medium-sized at a normal distance?

We suppose if we had to choose precisely what this work reminds us of it’s waves. Terrifying, earth-shattering, churning, burning waves. The kind of swirling sea that sailors have nightmared about forever. The kind of waves that exist within all of us, that threaten to drown us sometimes, until we finally grab on to that life rope and pull ourselves out. More.

Wouldn’t these look phenomenal in a modern space?

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