DIY: Scandinavian-inspired wall lamp

DIY + How To

Well don’t expect any fancy, detailed instructions for this DIY wall lamp project. If there are any, we can’t find them anywhere, and even if there were some, we suspect they’d be in Finnish and poorly translated by Google (we’re just going off the translated paragraphs we spot on the blog post for this project). What we do have is a great, inspired photograph. Boy we’re interested.

So we spotted this on Weekday Carnival (or perhaps, Week Day Carnival, since the initials seem to be WDC), and are in love. Such a simple, soft modern lamp look, especially good if you’ve already got a Scandinavian or DIY vibe going in your place. Though they show no written instructions, they do provide a photograph of all the materials they use. Think of it as a really cool puzzle that you’ll be able to decorate your house with in the end. More.

Could you puzzle out this project just by the photo of the materials? Would you want to? 

Images: WDC, credited above
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