DIY: Reclaimed Wood Wall!

DIY + How To

Architectural personality in a home is pretty much awesome and if you’ve found yourself a place that has it, then you are one lucky person! But if you don’t have any built-in architectural interest, things could be a bummer. But do not be too sad; you can totally add some! Take for instance this Awesome Wall Treatment with Reclaimed Wood we spotted on Curbly.

The best thing about this project is that you wouldn’t have to do a lot of it or do it on a huge portion of your house. As evidenced in this project example, they just did a bit of a wall behind the stove in their kitchen and wow what a punch it throws into the house! Truly a big difference. A lot of character, interest, texture and pattern just with some reclaimed wood and a few steps. Do it yourself.

You gonna try this project? Where would you add a reclaimed wood accent wall like this in your home?

Images: “by the amazing Jess Edwards
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