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If you’ve got an iPad (which, with how popular they are, chances are you do) no doubt you need a case for it. A case that must wear many hats: be sturdy, protect your technology, look good, be within your budget, etc. But have you ever thought of perhaps one of the most important elements to an iPad case you should be investigating? Whether it can camouflage the fact that you have a very expensive piece of technology with you?

What if we told you we came across a DIY project that could tell you how to make an iPad case out of a notebook: something affordable, something you can make yourself and something that just might be able to disguise the fact that its an iPad! Now we can’t speak to how sturdy this sucker would be (maybe don’t drop it?) but certainly it’ll keep that screen clear of scratches, we bet. More from ManMade DIY.

What do you think about this DIY iPad case project? Pretty clever or you’d prefer to buy one?

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