DIY: Dieter Rams-Inspired CD & iPod Stereo

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Our love of Dieter Rams is no secret; we wrote a rather brief love letter to his brilliant designs of the electronics world not too long ago. We mourn that we’re not able to go into any store and invest our money into his classic, sleek, sexy designs. But wait! There’s a ray of sunshine/hope pushing itself through the badly-designed clouds: we found a DIY project that will leave you with a Dieter Rams-inspired CD and iPod Stereo.

What?! Yeah we had to reread it, too. Spotted on Manmade DIY, this project looks, well, involved. And we don’t just mean there’s a chance of getting hot glue on your fingers. We mean like you could at the very least burn out a socket in your home and at the worst possibly electrocute yourself. And there seems to be a lot of words in those instructions. This is the not a project for the meek, but if you’re willing to boldly go where few home DIY project enthusiasts have ventured before, well, you’ll end up with one sexy piece of music-making design love that you’ll be able to point to when guests arrive and say “I did that.” Good luck.

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