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Master of abstract art Bridget Riley’s 2012 London Olympic Games poster “rose rose” represents the directions of the athletic tracks and swimming lanes. Riley’s focus on color, line and light is in use here again to capture the energy of the sports and the coming Olympic games.

Identifiable with her own style, Riley brings her own magic by making surfaces to look like they are moving and warping.

Inspired by the old Masters, Riley makes optically vibrant paintings,”op-art”, by studying the Master’s painting techniques. Interested in visual effects, she studies the interaction of colors or in some cases just constructing the movement by using achromatic white and black.

“For me Nature is not landscape, but the dynamism of visual forces – an event rather than an appearance – these forces can only be tackled by treating color and form as ultimate identities, freeing them from all descriptive or functional roles.” Bridget Riley

















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