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Daily Archives: January 26, 2012

Green’s awesome outdoor modern style!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
Green's awesome outdoor modern style!

2Modern is so happy to welcome Green Modern Home & Outdoor Seating and their awesome modern designs to the 2Modern catalog of gorgeous modern furniture! And just in time for spring and summer seasons that are well on their way! Green is a New York-based design firm founded in 1998 that specializes — Continue reading

Interiors: StudioSynapse

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Interiors: StudioSynapse

If you are looking for ultra-minimalist interiors that are simple but also full of personality, we genuinely have the firm for you. StudioSynapse from Igarashi, Maebashi, Gunma, a female and male partner of designers, is creating stunningly simple spaces that have so much life and character—without all the clutter. All these — Continue reading

DIY: City map paper cut out

Categories: DIY + How To
DIY: City map paper cut out

It’s rare you find someone who doesn’t at least find fascination with, if not flat out love, a map. They’re so informative; they’re proof of where we’ve been and where we’re going. More than that, they’re pretty good-looking! They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, varieties and of course, locations. — Continue reading

Color is life II

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests, Sustainability, Uncategorized
Color is life II

An urban ecological hotel, with natural materials, energy saving lighting, organic food, water reducing taps, recyclable sheets and staff uniforms from ethical brands, was designed with logic and multi functions in mind by Matali Crasset. Using the hotel as a platform, it offers a host of stimuli and experiences based — Continue reading