2 B&W DIY projects from Wit & Whistle

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Wit & Whistle is run by Amanda Wright, a design nerd and designer who started the company to “offer witty greeting cards and whistle worthy paper goods. All products are designed and illustrated by me and printed locally on recycled paper. Wit & Whistle is based in Cary, North Carolina.” We love a lot of the stuff she does and sells, but we also like a lot of her DIY projects, especially two recent ones that feature the dramatic contrast of black and white colors as well as the ability to do them in a weekend!

A DIY Hand Painted mug and a DIY Stencil Pillow are adorable, have a modern aesthetic, could breathe a bit of drama in your space with their color palette and could easily be personalized to fit your specific personality. Wouldn’t that be lovely!

Are you going to attempt either of these DIY projects this weekend? What about some other DIY project? Let us know! 

Images: Amanda Wright of Wit & Whistle
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