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Has anyone else noticed how many darn polka dot patterns are showing up in fashion and interiors lately? It seems like a ton. We mean just everywhere. How to do it the cool way and not look like a school kid? Well it looks like in fashion if you’re gonna do small dots, keep the colors serious. If you want to have color, do a big dot pattern.

In interiors, color’s okay, but don’t be conventional with your dot pattern. As a matter of fact, don’t think of things in such a 2D way; find products that explore the idea of dots on a 3D scale, like mobiles, different-colored plates (notNeutral – Melamine Trays being a perfect example) on a table or even a molecule binding set. And of course, you don’t even have to have multiple dots: Perch’s Walker Pendant Light fits the trend just find and only sports one big dot.

More polka dot items for your modern home:

Dot to Dot Flannel Bedding
WallCandy – Dottilicious
WallCandy – Polka Dot Temporary Wallpaper
By Second Studio – Clara Dots Rug
By Second Studio – Havana Dots Rug

Images: As credited above, freepeople.tumblr.commusingsinfemininity.tumblr.com
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  1. Lilly

    Dec 15, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    We just did a blog post about penny rounds, another form of polka dots. :) http://starflooring.qwestoffice.net/news/2011/12/trend-watch-penny-rounds/

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