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The fantasy like, simple and elegant structural path by Tetsuo Kondo was unfortunately only a temporary installation in Tallinn, Estonia.  It existed as part of the 2011 European Capital of Culture activities and in particular, part of LIFT11, a festival of 11 urban installations.   The forest known as Kadriorg is located in the center of city, a short distance from the Old City of Tallinn.  Trees that have grown there for three centuries, around a palace built for the Czar of Russia.  Here Tetsuo Kondo built an elevated path that weaves its way between the trees in beautiful Kadriorg forest.  Just 95m long (311-feet), was made of 139mm steel pipe and sheet steel, 5mm thick, leaning on the trees here and there, without a single column.

“Walking along this path will give a slightly different sense of the forest. Instead of looking up at the trees from the ground, people will be strolling near the leaves, making their way between the branches. “A structure made for the forest, a forest that exists for the structure: with no change in the shape of the forest, it will seem that the structure and the forest are one. That is what we hope to build.”, says Kondo.

This installation is not unlike TRANSSOLAR & Tetsuo Kondo Architects creation Cloudscapes where visitors  experienced a real cloud from below, within, and above floating in the center of the Arsenale.  in 2010Venice, Italy. “The ability to touch, feel, and walk through the clouds is a notion drawn from many of our fantasies”, says Kondo.  Well they certainly are on the right path.   What will yours be for 2012?

Have an infinitely modern New Year!


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  1. hinayasmin

    Dec 29, 2011 at 3:15 am

    detail need more information

  2. chamal phone

    Jan 12, 2012 at 10:01 am

    nice environmental experience

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