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Studio On Fire

Categories: Art + Graphics

We don ‘t think their actual studio is on fire…well at least we hope not. These dudes (and possibly dudettes) are making some pretty cool designs on paper. It’s true, they rock business card designs, packaging, T-shirts, stationary, invitations and more, but we’re pretty interested in what comes out of their brains…not just what a client asks for.

In particular their posters. We’re not sure where our obsession with well-designed, quasi-typographic, good-advice posters came from, but with how many folks out there are feeding our desires, it’ll likely never stop. We’re loving Studio on Fire’s beer/coffee poster, their Golden Rule one and their poster on advice on how to unplug. All fun colors, all good advice and what do you know? They’re on sale! Buy yourself some pretty reminders here.

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