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Spice Up the Interiors DIY: Grid Wall

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, DIY + How To

We love this tutorial for a fun way to create a modern accent wall in your space using wall paint. You don’t have to resort to just wallpaper when you want a hip pattern in your home. This is just so darn customizable, too, and just so geometric and digital-inspired. Kind of like what a Tron character would want, you know?

The best part about this project isn’t just the idea, not even the crisp, clear instructions, but all the super awesome tips the adorable couple behind House Bella give are what make this post really worth checking out. We’ve been painting walls for a long time and didn’t even know about some of these tricks to make crisp paint lines. Anyway, don’t you want a cool modern wall in your home? Perfect for punching up a room just in time for the holidays when you want your house to look its best for guests! More here.

2 Comments to "Spice Up the Interiors DIY: Grid Wall"

  1. Thank you for the shout out!

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