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A solo exhibition of new photographs by Seung Hoon Park, The Story of Three Cities, weaves together a narrative from historic landmarks and fragments of 16 mm film into a cinematic experience.

Park’s solo exhibition Travel Log originates from the artists interest in exploring the landscape as a journal of daily travel, that can be modified and interpreted by maker, viewer, and subject.



The overlaid filmstrips are arranged to capture within a single frame, the elusive magic of Rome, Firenze and Milan.  Park alters these popular tourist destinations by abstracting them into a filmic space that allow them to transcend from printed souvenir into living breathable image. The works in this series were titled “Textus,” which references the Latin word for fabric to reinforce the physical aspect of the filmstrips, woven both vertically and horizontally. He states “I use positive 16mm film that I cut and load in a largeformat camera.

When processed the result is a mosaic of films, like a detailed patchwork composed of an inextricable labyrinth where the eye can get lost.” Unlike many photographers whom strive to erase their presence from their work, Park leaves his fingerprints and misaligned pieces behind to suggest to the viewer, that the story is unfolding and evolving.

The images are not only impressive electronically they are much more so in person.   There is much to capture the viewers’ eye.  Not only is the subject matters’ stunning array of historical buildings with much architectural intricacy, the colors are rich and capture the mood of the sky turning day into night.  Intriguing details as the holes in the film are evident and part of the woven landscape leaves us with more to look at.

The solo exhibition dates  are December 3 thru January 19, 2012 at Los Angeles’ PYO Gallery.

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