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Modern Etsy: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

If you haven’t heard of this Etsy store yet, let us have the pleasure of introducing you: modern design lover, meet Pigeon Toe Ceramics. Pigeon Toe Ceramics meet a modern design lover. Established in 2009 and the owners of the tag line “heirlooms for the modern home,” these are some folks who understand the overlap between simple, handmade goods and sleek, modern home accessories.

We just love the simple shapes that have just a slight detail to them: being off-centered a bit, or a slight geometric shape and we love all the crisp white everywhere, perfect for any home and even great as a gift. We love that they branch out past ceramics and create a lot of pretty home accessories like pillows and wood items. We just like everything, okay? More here.

One Comment to "Modern Etsy: Pigeon Toe Ceramics"

  1. I love the inkblot pillow. I see a dog lol

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