Live Modern: Weekend House on Lake Superior

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We’d be much more able to withstand frightful winter weather outside if we lived in a stunning piece of modern architecture like this! It’s hard to tell if the home would be more visible in warmer, more colorful months, but there’s something so slick and camouflaged about how it looks now. Located near, you guessed it, Lake Superior, in Schoeder, Minnesota and designed by Julie Snow Architects. More:

“The weekend house is reduced to a few essential elements. The main house and a small studio are arranged on a black platform that rests just above the ground. The two black volumes frame the water of Lake Superior as it extends toward the distant horizon.

The presence of the lake is pervasive throughout the house. A long simple white table runs parallel to the lake. A narrow vertical tower encloses the fireplace. A row of cabinets along the north wall conceals the complexities of daily life. The house provides a serene connection to a beautiful, rugged landscape. Concealed by trees in the summer, the black boxes slip into the winter landscape of black and white tree trunks.” More here.

Images: Architizer


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