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Live Modern: The River House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Most of the time when people celebrate the joys of living near water, they’re talking about oceans or maybe some fancy lake. Rivers just don’t get the credit of being awesome that they deserve. But as someone who grew up near a river, let me tell you they have a quiet sort of beauty, a headstrong, dependable sort of magic that makes living next to them delightful. We imagine this River House, designed by Ziger/Snead Architects and located in Jamaica, is full of a modern sort of magic itself.

“The long and slender house is comprised of nine-and-one-half 12’ x 22’ structural steel bays (8 bays of interior space and 1.5 bays of screened porch) sitting on poured concrete foundation walls which were left partially exposed due to the steeply sloping site. By divorcing the primary skin of the house from the steel structure, large sliding glass doors could be used as the only barrier between interior and exterior. As a result, all interior spaces offer uninterrupted views out to the river.”

Images: Architizer 

2 Comments to "Live Modern: The River House"

  1. What a fabulous house, Id love to live next to a river although this one looks very much in the middle of nowhere..

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