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What would it be like to sleep out in the open, hugged by grass-covered hills and warmed by sunshine? Well, probably a lot like living in the São Francisco Xavier House by Nitsche Arquitectos Associados located in the most luscious and wondrous São Paulo, Brazil. This is more like a few panes of glass held up with a roof on top than anything that might block views or be called walls, and it’s all so wonderful, really. The views are phenomenal, and the interiors are a perfect balance of showstopping and plain enough to let the views take center stage.

“The challenge of this Project is to invent a new and unique space for human being, in an isolated location with impressive and exuberant nature and remarkable geography. The region is like a “sea of mountains” with deep valleys, flowing rivers and waterfalls. Also the sky has a strong presence in the landscape composing with the rest of the nature a classic view. The terrain is a small hill, including the valley bottom and the hill top. It has a total area of 24.000 m² and contains many types of vegetation; native vegetation nearby the river in the valley bottom, weald and high Eucalyptus trees spread randomly.”

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  1. Dave Stukas

    Jun 1, 2013 at 9:21 am

    You can’t go wrong with a site like the one this house is on, but the architect’s choice to use so much organic material (wood, primarily) helps it blend in with such a magnificent backdrop. I like the surrounding landscaping (grass, mostly), that also connects the house and its site to the hills in the distance. Great job.

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