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What does a home that looks good at every angle look like? Why, this house, called Maison P + C. If you guessed by the title that it’s a French home, you’d be right. Located in Indre, France, to be precise. But this French home doesn’t have any hints at what one normally thinks of when they think of a French home (cue a image of a French barn-house and fields of lavender); what it does have is an interesting foot print that really urges the user to walk around the property and check out this beautifully-clad home from every angle.

“This project is located within a traditional residential area. It has a contemporary flair combined with the objectives of sustainable development. The building is set away from the public area, on the edge of the construction zone to allow a large view to the south. At some distance from the public area, the building branches out on the land and the various units capture the different lights of the day. These volumes also provide various open spaces adapted to the seasonal changes. The whole structure provides a single inner space open in all directions. It creates a shelter and the boundaries with the outside become blurred.” Designed by atelier alassoeur architecture(s).

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