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Just loving this house! It’s such a perfect mix of old and new when you begin to examine its details. First to catch our eye are those lovely, rounded corners of the house. Instantly creating a softer, more comfortable sort of feel to it than harsher, more squared-off corners would. Secondly there’s that lovely color palette created by the wood siding. Doesn’t this home — especially with that rose bush in one of the shots — kind of remind you of a modern English countryside home?

It’s located in Kaunas, Lithuania, and it seems to be nestled in a neighborhood that also sports more modern homes. I bet they have fun and interesting block parties! The only shot we get of the inside is a doozy; check out that staircase! Designed by ARCHAS, UAB. Our only beef is with that couch and coffee table; we could do better! 2Modern Modern Sofas & Couches and Coffee Tables.

What do you think this house looks like? Does its style remind you of another style? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Architizer 


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