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Interiors: The SuperGroup

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

We’d say we have a healthy obsession with what we’d call “future decor.” In other words, we’re always daydreaming about what homes, offices and businesses might look like in the future. Will they look like the set of “2001: A Space Odyssey”? Will they look just like they do today, but come with crazy cool technology we can’t even imagine? Perhaps it’ll look like the office of an interactive marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia called The SuperGroup. By ai3.

“With a name like The SuperGroup, this Atlanta-based agency needed an office space that was truly out of this world. An interactive marketing agency, The SuperGroup specializes in digital media development. In their spare time, they are an eclectic group of science fiction aficionados. In fact, this love for futuristic icons of the 60s and 70s has become part of their whimsical culture, and with ai3’s design for their office space, a central component of their brand.”

A few people made comments about what the employees might feel like they have to wear if they worked in this environment: super cool, super futuristic, almost-super hero like outfits. Would you feel like you had to dress crazy cool if you worked in an office like this?

Images: Architizer

One Comment to "Interiors: The SuperGroup"

  1. I work at The SuperGroup, and while we don’t always dress crazy cool, we do wear insignia pins in different colors that represent our tenure at the company. Here’s a recent shot of the partners where you can see their pins: http://www.raymjones.com/#/Portfolio/Portraits/4/

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