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As  a general rule, we’re not super into blue in an interior space. That’s a bit harsh…we mean, there are lots of ways in which blue can totally make a space rock, but you really need to have a cool hue. This home, the L Residence, totally gets blue right. And they also get details right. It’s a modern loft space with lots of cool interior additions and rooms and cool wood flooring and modern furniture and more. And is that a Magis Chair One we spot?  By Min | Day. From architizer:

“Located in an Art Deco hotel recently converted for private condominium use, we designed a penthouse apartment with a roof deck overlooking the center of downtown Omaha. For the L-shaped unit we created a set of nested spaces with a grand room that appears as an exterior within the confines of the dense walls. 15-foot ceilings allowed the construction of a cozy mezzanine along the vertical path to the private roof deck above. Primary wood veneered walls hide bedrooms, house utilitarian areas, service functions and bathrooms.”

Images: Architizer
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