How-to: Knit Your Own Chunky Sweater Decor

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Wow! You know how this fall and winter really chunky, over-sized knitted blankets, pillows and textiles have been all the rage in interiors? Well they have. And with good reason. This giant pattern oozes comfort and because it’s so exaggerated it looks great in a modern setting, especially if it’s the only textile softness you bring into an architectural space. It’s usually pretty pricey to invest in over-sized knitted pieces, so why not make your own?

We fully admit you’ll need to know how to knit to pull off this DIY project. Maybe if you don’t know how to and never thought you’d need to, seeing this project will inspire you. And if you do know how to, well, aren’t you going to be the envy of all your modern-loving neighbors!? Seriously, clean, clear instructions and you’ll be on your way to having some sweet, modern, knitted items in your home for this cold season! You’ll have to buy the pattern, but for only $6 it’s totally worth it. And she also actually makes the designs, too, if you’d rather just buy than make!

What do you think about over-sized knit patterns in a modern setting?!

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