Gifts for Those Who Like to Get Their Hands Dirty

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2Modern’s pretty excited to be partnering with a dizzying array of awesome designers and folks for a 7 week long gift collective. We’ll be bringing you guides of awesome modern gifts for all the folks in your life…in plenty of time to get your holiday shopping done and enjoy the season without worry!

The gift guides are being authored by the fabulous folks behind such great online modern resources as:  Abby Try AgainBleachBows + ArrowsCANOE DomyLoretta FlowersSpartanSon of a Sailor and Schatzelein. You’ll be able to find every guide Tuesdays and Thursdays on Forge, but we’ll bring you them, too. Today: those who don’t mind getting a little dirty…but who still like to look stylish!

  1. Navajo Inlay Pocketknife from Spartan- Carrying a pocket knife around not only means you’re prepared, it also makes you kind of a badass. Especially when it’s as fine-lookin’ as this.
  2. Weleda Spray Deodorant in Sage at Whole Foods- All that sweat and whiskey can add up in a bad way–give ‘em a gentle hint with this gift. This spray is all-natural, smells amazing, and really works, even on those hot August days.
  3. Goatskin Gloves from The Natural Gardener- For the ladies who don’t want to get their hands too dirty, these gloves are really durable but super-soft and easy on your hands (read: no calluses or blisters).
  4. Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon from Wiggy’s Wine & Spirits- People who work hard need to unwind in a serious way. This bourbon is amazing to sip on at the end of a long day, and at $20/bottle is very affordable.
  5. L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Boot – So very fine and can last through just about any conditions. My dad still has the pair he bought in 1965.
  6. Klein Tool Bag from kleintools.com- Beautiful, affordable, tough, and classic. And it just gets better with age.
  7. Smartwool socks from Whole Earth Provision Co.- Yeah, okay, so no one likes getting socks for Christmas. But these are so much better than your standard-issue gold-toe. They last forever, are comfy, and keep your feet toasty warm in the winter.
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