Featured Artist: Kristen Schiele

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Bang! Wow! Loving the explosions of color and movement spotted in the large-scale paintings of Kristen Schiele. They definitely have a strong geometric-feel, but punctuating those straight lights are landscape-like elements and abstract, free-wheeling strokes of paint. It’s all really quite wonderful. From her website:

“Kristen Schiele creates work in painting, scenic installations and collage. The works are inspired by stage sets, cinema, folklore, allegory, kitsch, and story telling that is psychologically dramatic and playful. Currently, the paintings are on prepared panels with 70s pulp magazine cut outs, set in a frame with layers of plexiglass, stenciled and etched. They are inspired by stop-animation cells with a time-capsule movie still feel.”

Images: Kristen Schiele via her website
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