Featured Artist: Christopher David Ryan

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Nothing quite gets our motors going like some bold colors, blocky shapes and clever meanings behind some cool illustrations and posters, as seen in the very colorful portfolio of Christopher David Ryan. He’s just got a such a clear, fresh style. Everything kind of seems happy and punchy; the kind of stuff you’d want framed in your entry way or office so when guests came over they saw what a well-adjusted human being you are.

Is it just us are does it work have a slight retro feel? Maybe that’s because his work is so happy, but there seems to be a skewing toward wholesome shapes and ideas. “I am Christopher David Ryan; a graphic artist, illustrator, daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual. I tend to find inspiration in pretty much anything… especially music, the universe, the human condition and natural phenomena.” More here.

Images: Christopher David Ryan
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