Favorite Modern Houses of 2011

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For our “Live Modern” series on the blog, we feature architecture that we think exhibits certain kinds of qualities. The modern architecture we choose to highlight is certainly modernly designed–you see a lot of straight lines, innovative materials and smart use of space—and it’s also the kind of architecture that really takes stock of its surroundings, either working to complement it or sometimes, contrast with it.

But most importantly, the architecture we choose to blog about is comfortable. It has personality. You can actually see that its owners enjoy using it. It’s modern, but it’s accessible, and that’s important to us at 2Modern! Enjoy our round-up of our most favorite homes* we posted about this year:

 Letterbox House by McBride Charles Ryan

House BVA

House in Petrópolis 

Puntiró House

SODAE-House by VMX Architects

Maison P+C 

House in Cadiz

Allandale House (A Cabin of Curiosities)

House R 

Modern Family Farm House

Images: As credited in links. *Just wanted to clarify that though we posted about it this year, some of these homes were built in previous years.
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