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We’re so excited to share with you guys one of our newest brands to the site: Vibia Lighting! Boy are you going to love these modern lighting pieces. Vibia Lighting is the epitome of sleek, modern, minimalist lighting. They create lighting that is at its core simple and works with so many tastes, styles and environments–enhancing every space.

With over twenty teams of product and interior designers, Vibia‘s products represent an evolution in lighting; truly a sort of lighting of the future. One of their latest lines, “Link: Architecture for the ceiling,” really illustrates Vibia’s understanding of the lighting needs of current designers and homeowners by offering lighting with meaning, style, purpose and function. Vibia lighting fixtures just look good on and off.

Based in gorgeous Barcelona, Spain, Vibia Lighting manages to design products that look to the future and respect classic and time-honored principles of high-quality. They do business on a global scale with over 60 countries. They thrive on innovation and experimentation and their top-class reputation has never wavered. With bold shapes, modern color palettes and fun materials, Vibia Lighting’s obviously going to be filling the homes and businesses of modern design lovers with great lighting for many years. We asked Pere Llonch, Vibia’s present, to answer some questions for us:

2M: How did you get into this field?
PL: I discovered the world of lighting by accident, really.

2M: When did you know you wanted to be the president of a modern lighting company?
PL: I don’t think I ever thought that I would become the president but I was given the opportunity to grow the company. I have been very fortunate to have a team of talented staff that surround me and believes in the Vibia brand and vision.

2M: What’s exciting you in the design world right now?
PL: Modularity, energy efficient lamping and lighting controls. These three ideas are combining to reshape the way we interpret lighting in a space.

2M: How would you describe Vibia’s style? Does Vibia design according to market trends, or what’s best for the company?
PL: The Vibia style is evolutionary not revolutionary, meaning we create lighting that advances the boundaries of design while remaining familiar and coherent to our clients and those that own a Vibia product. To address your question about trends, we always listen to our clients to gain feedback on what’s valuable to their needs. Vibia follows our own path in terms design while listening to our clients feedback on what’s valuable to them.

2M: Do you live by or run your business by any specific design philosophy?
PL: Innovation, creativity and the spirit of collaboration are our guiding principles. We apply these ideas through all levels of our company from materials, manufacturing processes, and product design to how our clients interact and use our designs.

2M: What steps do you take to make Vibia run so successfully?
PL: Well, we have presence in 60 markets worldwide so we are constantly implementing new operating systems to make us more efficient, provide superior products and create an exceptional experience for our clients.

2M: What challenges do you face on a daily basis?
PL: The biggest challenge we face is staying on pace to meet our own demands in terms of creating exciting fresh designs. As an example we have released new products into the market every 6 months for the last 3 years. Next year we will release dozens of new designs. That is a lot to keep up with but it is very exciting and rewarding as we are one of the only lighting companies to have this kind of pace.

2M: How did you guys come into collaborating with the designers that design for Vibia?
PL: We look to find designers that share in our design sensibilities of creativity, innovation, evolutionary style and the spirit of collaboration.

2M: How do you make sure new products stay on brand?
PL: It starts by remaining true to our design vision and principles and translating that message throughout the design and manufacturing process.

2M: Where do your designers find inspiration for Vibia’s designs?
PL: We work with over 22 different design teams from across the world so they are inspired by a broad range of influences.

2M: Favorite thing about your job?
PL: I can only pick one thing? That’s a hard one. There are so many things that I love about my job but if I had to pick one than I would say the people that I get to work with.

2M: Anything new and exciting coming up that you want to share with the 2modern readers?
PL: Well, I can’t give you any specific details but starting next year we will release several new collections that should inspire the designer in each of us to be creative and innovative with light, composition and form.

Thanks, Pere and Vibia!

See all of Vibia Lighting‘s modern and innovative designs on 2Modern!

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  1. WConklin

    Dec 6, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    I am a huge fan of the small light blocks. They are a very interesting piece of lighting.

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