DIY: Origami Christmas Tree

DIY + How To

Still need a couple of more pieces of modern, holiday cheer for a shelf or corner of a table? Or looking for a fun DIY project that you could turn into an unforgettable centerpiece for your holiday table? Or just want to learn a cool origami trick that will make you the most beloved family member of the holidays this year? How about this nifty origami Christmas (or any holiday, really) tree.

Complete with a video, this isn’t going to be something you might master on the first go (especially if you’ve never done any origami before) but it’s something crafty to do for the holidays that doesn’t involve glitter or yarn, two things to be thankful for! More here. Via How About Orange.

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  1. Aaron17

    Dec 21, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    This is a great little tree. I am going to make some and put the on tables in the stores. Visit online if you like. They would be a nice gift for the children that come into our stores.

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