DIY: Modern Holiday Cheer Bonanza

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With all this awesome book week business going on, we’ve been a bit remiss in our coverage of awesome modern holiday DIY projects to share with you guys. Look around your place…how’s the holiday cheer coming along? We just looked around ours and it’s totally lacking. Thankfully our favorite do-it-yourself-ers at Curbly always know just how to set things right.

They have been on TOP of the holiday DIY projects this year, and have recently featured three round-ups that we think are pretty full of modern possibilities. First of all, they’ve found some pretty rockin’ wreath projects. Some of them are a bit too festive for our tastes, but remember you’re in control: you can totally pick the palette and tame any patterns if things start getting out of control. They also rounded up 18 unique, DIY ornament ideas, quite a few of which are geometric and fun. And lastly, something we always forget to think about: the Christmas stocking. A few of the ideas they found are a bit kitschy but some had some real potential.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to holiday crafting to share some more cheer! Via Curbly.com.

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