DIY: Mid-Century Modern Bench

DIY + How To

Anyone who’s looked through Craigslist lately knows one immutable fact: the term “Mid-Century Modern” is hot, and usually means things cost a little extra. By little, we mean a lot. It is tough to add to your collection when prices are inflated, but if you’re a little handy with tools and don’t mind spending a little money on materials, you could grow your MCM collection the DIY way.

The website Salvage Love sure has a nifty project for a Mid-Century Modern, upholstered bench you can make yourself. Though there appears to be a few steps to making this, the materials themselves don’t seem too complicated to procure: some plywood, some MCM pre-made legs, some batting, upholstery, buttons, etc. They lay it all out, with pictures on each step. See if yourself here.

Images: Janine Rose
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