DIY: Fish Scale Wallpaper Art

DIY + How To

We guess we’re doing two DIY projects today? Yeah we are. And while this might not be inherently holiday-related (is anyone else getting sick of that?) we should point out that there are plenty of holiday applications for this project. After all, not only could you do this in some pretty fabulous holiday colors (if that’s your thing) you could also, of course, do it in a glitzy gold or silver and let it be the backdrop to some sweet, modern decor.

Wouldn’t this just make a cool backdrop? Now, this definitely looks like a will-take-longer-than-they-say-and-probably-be-several-messy-headaches-at-some-point kind of project, but if you’ve been looking for a cool, modern, textural treatment for one of your walls, then you just might be in the fish scale wallpaper art business. More here.

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