DIY: Biosphere

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You know what’s so 2011? Terrariums. You know what’s hot for 2012? BIOSPHERES. Seriously. Anything that combines science, DIY and home decor in one project’s okay in our book, and we are really falling hard for the visual and scientific delights that is the biosphere project spotted on Make:.

Why is it cooler than a terrarium? Both bring some much needed awesomeness and quasi-nature to stark, modern homes and both are something you can make yourself (and even give as a gift). But while terrariums tend to stay pretty much the way you made them, biospheres do things. They do things like grow things and change and having living things in there like amphipods you can talk to while you’re taking a break between blogging. Eeek! Cool as heck instructions here and inspiration here.

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