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Welcome to our 6-day long book week–the first ever on 2Modern–you’ll have a chance at winning great modern books! Here’s how works: every day we’ll post two recently-published modern books. For a chance to win comment on the post for the book you want!


You’re welcome to comment on as many book posts as you like, but you’ll only be able to win one. At the end of the book week, we’ll choose a winner at random and announce everyone on Twitter! We’ll contact all the winners at the end of the week for details and start shipping them out early next week so you can enjoy them for the holidays (maybe even give as a gift!). Unfortunately–we’ll only be shipping book prizes to the continental (or is it contiguous?) U.S.  And make sure you leave information on how we can contact you when you comment!

So…any questions? Leave a comment to this post and we’ll answer any questions about book week you may have. Remember: leave a comment every day on each book week post to be entered for a chance to win that book. Good luck! And happy reading! 

P.S. These books are the ones that the publishing companies graciously donate for free to us bloggers so that we may review them. And they’ve been sitting on my (Adrienne’s) desk for awhile. The condition won’t be perfect but it’ll be close and best of all it’ll be free to you! Once we email all the winners, unfortunately, if we don’t hear back from one within 5 days of emailing, we’ll have to contact the runner-up; we want to get these books to you before the holidays if possible!

11 Comments to "BOOK WEEK IS HERE"

  1. Sounds like a splendid book to check out and see what is happening with the latest and greatest of office design!

  2. Looking forward to it!

  3. These sound great!

  4. Wow! great giveaway! Would be happy with any of them…..but, I need some help with my interior decoration, and the Interiors Inspiration & Materials book would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity, count me in please!

  5. Ah!…and the Nano House is so cool!!!!

  6. finally the answer to how to make it all work!
    and only 10 rules

  7. I would love the total office design book! Love the site, keep the posts coming!

  8. I’d love to win the Nano House book

  9. I love the Stickwork book – there’s such energy and movement in these structures – it just makes me happy to see them!

  10. This book could be worth its weight in gold for the information and wisdom it could hold. I would love to read the book.

  11. Wow this could be a brilliant book for referencing.The title says it all Interiors Inspiration & Materials.

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