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BOOK WEEK: Houses by the Sea

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests

Houses by the Sea
By Emmanuelle Graffin
(Thames and Hudson 2011)

Just so you know, the following are not required to enjoy “Houses by the Sea”: trust fund, yacht, or girlfriend named Brandy. But you will want a good travel agent after soaking up the coolest seaside dwellings from Cannes to Malibu.

The book’s 409 photos survey a full range of new and rustic ocean-side homes, with intimate peeks into bedrooms and bathrooms as well as grand beachy vistas.

Highlights include a German house boat–make that gorgeous house boat–and an ultra-modern dwelling in the dunes of Uruguay.

Photography is the book’s main course, but Graffin’s captions and intros nicely context the visuals and provide architectural analysis. Her prose is clear and understated, with nary a “rugged” or “sun drenched” in sight.

Primarily grouped by sea climate (cooler, temperate and tropical), the book is further sectioned by house type (traditional, natural, unusual and contemporary). I recommend opening random pages for that “spin-the-globe” effect.

Any way you browse, if you want your own beach home but your name isn’t Wilfred III, “Houses by the Sea” will do very well.

Remember: comment on this post (leave a way we can get in touch with you) for a chance to win a copy of this book! Find all the info and rules of book week here

Generously helping out this week with book reviews, like the one above, is the witty, talented and much-appreciated Daniel Mennega, who lives and writes in Austin, Texas.

32 Comments to "BOOK WEEK: Houses by the Sea"

  1. I want a house by the sea!

  2. Beatiful images, inspirational places, dream places that I can only see in books.

  3. This is pretty kewl!

  4. I’m obsessed with everything tropical! My company is called Aqua because I worship the sea. Check out aquajewelry.com for great resort jewelry!

  5. I want a house by the sea, almost as much as I want this book. I go to school in Utah but used to live in Southern California; and I miss the ocean. help me endure Utah winter with this book. Please?

  6. These small dwellings are the best solution to the rising cost of materials, the environmental costs of larger spaces and the dream of having you’re very own little sanctuary… these kind of ideas make dreams affordable!

  7. Gimme gimme gimme…

  8. Someday I’ll have a house by the sea…or maybe I’ll design house by the sea…or maybe both!

  9. beautiful book!

  10. almost as good an escape as actually GOING to a house by the sea….lovely!

  11. This book looks amazing. I sure wouldn’t mind taking it off of your hands…

  12. My fiance is studying interior design and would love to have this book in his collection for our future home!

  13. we live near the sea, but not in as beautiful homes as pictured here I’m sure!

  14. Beautiful! Love it

  15. Book looks promising. I like how natural elements seem to be incorporated with modern design in the pics.

  16. “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    This definitely needs to be on my coffee table!

  17. My house is by the sea!

  18. My husband grew up on the sea, he’d like this one!

  19. Oh how I wish I could live by the sea…..but with the help of this book I could bring the sea to my house! Thanks for offering this book!

  20. Makes me miss the water, too, but there’s something great about the quality of being on the shore. Let me WIN!

  21. This book would be a wonderful addition to my interior design books !!

  22. Ooo la la. LOVE the sea.

  23. oh, to live by the sea…

  24. Hmmm…i can smell the salt spray now…

  25. love it – my bookshelves need filling

  26. Love books!!!

  27. I may never live by the sea (close since I am in Florida but still far from the beach) but I can pretend with this book!

  28. I wonder, where do you come up with these reads. Again, this book looks very interesting.

  29. This looks like a book my mother would like, she’s a huge fan of anything related to Nautical life.

  30. Dreams full of houses by seas lately.