Best New Modern Lighting of 2011!

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It really doesn’t matter how much work or money you’ve spent on your interior spaces—if you can’t see any of it, there’s really no point, is there? 2Modern added some amazing modern lighting options in 2011, from ceiling lights, to sconces, to table lamps to floor lamps and more. We enlisted the help of 2Modern founder Jennifer Sitko to grab her favorite new to 2Modern in 2011 furniture options. She did a stand-up job. Today’s round-up task: awesome new-to-2Modern (and many newly-designed this year) modern lighting options of 2011:

  1. Blu Dot – Perimeter Floor Lamp So architectural and cool!
  2. FLOS – Miss K Table Lamp A classic shape modernly upgraded.
  3. Lights Up! – Meridian Demi Love the personality of this piece. 
  4. David Trubridge – Coral 400 Pendant Lamp His designs are earthy, natural and modern.
  5. Shine Labs – Curve Pendant So flirtacious and feminine. 
  6. Kartell – Bloom Pendant Lamp Details and textural.
  7. Fambuena – Dress Wall Sconce A fun addition to any wall. 
What were your favorite new modern lighting designs in 2011? Did one particular light fixture  really catch your eye this last year? Did one company really stand out from the rest in terms of designing new lighting? What are you looking forward to seeing in 2012? Let us know in the comments!! 
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