Artist: Theo Altenberg

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Painter Theo Altenberg (which we just learned means “Old Mountain” in German) creates work that is right up our alley. One, it’s colorful as all get out. Two: it is abstract and three: well it’s wonderful. Just wonderful. This is exactly the kind of mood we’ve been in lately: dark yet cheerful, dramatic and jewel-toned, energetic and frenetic and awesome.

Theo’s no newbie to the art scene; he’s been creating art since the 1970s, but doesn’t his work just fit the current trend of abstract painting? Makes you wonder if he’s taken his cues from the work of contemporary artists, or if they’re taking their cues from him! See plenty more of his paintings plus his photography and other work on his online portfolio.

What’s your favorite thing about Theo Altenberg’s work? Or is this not your style? Let us know!

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