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9 Quick, Modern Ways to Add Holiday Cheer

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Modern Holiday Ideas

Running out of time? Feel like your home just doesn’t have enough cheer in it for yourself or guests? Want to quickly add some fun modern cheer in those two eponymous colors, red and green? You better believe 2Modern has some affordable, ready-to-be-shipped-to-your-home items just itching to be placed in your house for the season (and longer). Here are a handful we’re really digging today.

1) Paper Cloud – Buds Pendant
2) urbancase – The Ledge
3) Green – Punk Chair
4) Green – Est Armchair
5) iittala – Toikka Green Ibisj
6) Flensted Mobiles – Flowing Rhythm Red
7) Nooka Inc – Strip Green
8) TrueModern – Low Bookcase
9) Bholu – Nimboo Red/Cream Pillow

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