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2012 Trend Spotted: Glittering, Glamorous, Gold!

Categories: Fashion + Trends

A 2Modern trend spotted for 2012: Glittering, Glamorous, Gold! To be the first to know about new trends spotted, subscribe to The 2Modern RSS feed.

Nooka Inc – Zirc Gold
Flavor Paper – Rio Crocodillo Wallpaper
Kartell – Charles Ghost Transparent Stool
UM Project – L.U.M. Lamp
TOKEN – Bell Kelp Etched Pendant
iittala – Vitriini Box 2.4 x 2.4
Fatboy – Metahlowski

Fatboy Token Lamp UM Project Lamp Flavor Paper Wallpaper Nooka Watch Kartell Ghost Stool iittala Box

2 Comments to "2012 Trend Spotted: Glittering, Glamorous, Gold!"

  1. Amazing pieces… happy 2012!!!

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