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We Like What They Do: Holly Berry

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Digging on Holly Berry’s textile work, a collection in particular that depicts Morse code in the most adorable way we’ve ever seen. –..–.-…–.-.—. If you read Morse code then you’ll know that sentence we just wrote is giberish. But her work looks soft, and we like her philosophies about why she does what she does and why she chooses the colors she does. From her website:

“As an antidote to mass fashion ideals I design and make woven blankets, scarves, shawls, cushions and accessories using traditional artisan weaving practices.Within all of my work is an element of hidden communication and meaning taking the form of graphic blocks woven into the cloths double layered structure. These blocks help to trap words, stories and memories, bringing a new sense of value and emotional connection to contemporary textiles.Using Morse-code words and patterns in my textiles creates vivid statements, different on each side of the cloth, communicating messages of love and comfort. My uplifting colour pallet of violets, geranium, turquoise, aubergine and sunshine on a backdrop of misty greys and honeydew are inspired by vintage treasures and my own drawings and photography. I use carefully sourced natural yarns such as cashmere, lambs wool and merino from UK suppliers to create my unique and bold colour pallet.” More here.

One Comment to "We Like What They Do: Holly Berry"

  1. I saw Holly Berry on the BBC2 show Mastercrafts. She was lovely and so was her work. I’m saving up to buy a blanket. :)

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