We Like What They Do: Cody Hudson

Art & Design

We know what you’re thinking. Why wouldn’t we categorize Cody Hudson under one of our featured artists posts? Well, because we’re just not really sure it’s fair to only call Cody Hudson an artist. Sure, he makes lots of paintings, sculptures, installations and drawings but also SOMUCHMORE. Cody calls himself an artist (a Chicago-based one, to be specific), but he’s also the founder of Struggle Inc., a commercial art house that produces clean, fresh graphics for businesses and other artists.

To say we love his style just isn’t saying enough. You’ll want to take some extra time to explore this site to check out all his artwork but also to explore his work with brands and other graphics. He’s also done some pretty cool collaborations, even one with newly-discovered (to us) Siggi Eggertsson. His site here.

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