Up-and-Coming Gift Resource: ShopSCAD

Art & Design

Want to know what’s cool before it’s even cool? Want to give the gift of ultra trendiness? Want to like what the kids are liking? Well you can totally have access to the products of some of the nation’s coolest and brightest artists from ShopSCAD, which is the gallery and store for artists from the Savannah School of Art and Design.

If you’re lucky to live in Savannah, Georgia you can visit the physical store to see these student-made wares in person, or you can visit the ShopSCAD website to search for work by type or by artist. We see plenty of possible gift items (they totally offer complimentary gift wrapping by the way) as well as some things that we just might have to get for ourselves. A fun variety of cool things! And who knows…you could buy something from a designer who might make it really big in the next few years!

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