Stay Modern: The TreeHotel

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As far as spaceship-shaped, wooden, tiny, nest-like structures that are hotel pods in the woods, this might be our favorite. Called the TreeHotel, this little pod features a cozy, airy, well-lit geometric structure nestled deep in the woods. Called the “TreeHotel” because it once was used as a hotel during a design exposition, it’s actually more of an experiment in pre-fab micro-architecture.

Designed by the folks at Dass Architecture, this little sucker has been moved around and plopped down in many a magical spot, always adding to the environment and proving you don’t need much to shield you from the elements you don’t want and allow you to commune with the ones you do. Don’t you just love that little rooftop balcony terrace? We do. We’d love to just nest right down in that.

Does this make you feel like you could live with less? Does this make you want your own nature-inspired, geometric pod in the woods?

Images: Architizer


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