simplehuman’s new soap + pumps = made for each other

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simplehuman "made for each other" campaign

Just in time for the holidays, simplehuman has now expanded its collection of “tools for efficient living” to a new line of soap and sensor pump systems. All the soaps are optimized to work hand-in-hand with the high-efficiency pumps and the no-drip valve, ensuring no messy drips or clogs.

simplehuman soap and sensor pump

To introduce the new collection, simplehuman launched made for each other, an online experience with a soap shuffle interface that lets you mix and match the different soap and pump options. If you want to score one of these for yourself, simplehuman is giving these systems away on their made for each other Facebook memory game. If you can uncover the pairs quick enough, you can win yourself one of these new soap and sensor systems. Have fun!

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