Rainbow Panorama

Architecture & Interiors

A glass rainbow ring designed by Olafur Eliasson transforms the view of the second largest city of Denmark into the after images of hue complementaries and its intensities during the different times of the day. Experienced both ways by people living in the city and those who view the city from the ring, the color effects turn into vibrating city scenes through our retinal experience.

Using the city and the light as a part of the visual experience, as Eliasson describes : “Think of ‘Your rainbow panorama’ as an expectation machine. Even before entering ARoS and ascending to the work, you may look upon the city as if through coloured glass. Your expected gaze. What you know from the street then emerges from above as strangely real, in a continuous interplay of colour saturation and desaturation. Suspended between the city and the sky, this viewing platform insists on your sensory engagement. You feel the view. Perhaps your memory of the art collections below, through which you just made your way, infiltrate your experience.”-

sources : evolo and dsgnwrld


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