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Not Doing Turkey Day? DIY Day.

Categories: DIY + How To

If you’re like me, you might not be doing the whole family food Thanksgiving time, but rather be engrossed in some serious ready-to-organize-my-whole-house-and-make-it-look-awesome time. May I suggest the never-ending gift of our awesome DIY/How-to section? Some recent projects that I just might try myself today:

Fast, Cheap Art DIY: Paper Gems
Holiday DIY: Cube String Lights
Cheap Art DIY: Thrift Store Painting Redo
Holiday Décor We Don’t Hate: Ombre Holders
Holiday DIY: Slick Modern Acorn Wreath
Fast and Functional DIY: Cool Magnets
How-to: Make Wood and String Art
DIY: Hanging Succulent Garden

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