Modern Gift Ideas: For Quirky Guys & Bibliophiles

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2Modern’s pretty excited to be partnering with a dizzying array of awesome designers and folks for a 7 week long gift collective. We’ll be bringing you guides of awesome modern gifts for all the folks in your life…in plenty of time to get your holiday shopping done and enjoy the season without worry!

The gift guides are being authored by the fabulous folks behind such great online modern resources as:  Abby Try AgainBleachBows + ArrowsCANOE DomyLoretta FlowersSpartanSon of a Sailor and Schatzelein. You’ll be able to find every guide Tuesdays and Thursdays on Forge, but we’ll bring you them, too. Today we bring you two fabulously curated guides for those who like to gather with friends and those who are fans of stationary and writing!

Gift Collective – The Quirky Guy by Bows+Arrows

  1. Fjallraven classic Kanken backpack
  2. Baron Wells Ski Tee
  3. Matt Singer pencil case made out of recycled plastic bags in West Africa
  4. Cause and Effect Arrowhead Belt, hand hammered and tanned in Tennessee in the river by Billy himself!
  5. A.P.C. River Deep Mountain High sweatshirt  – for the Tina Turner lover.
  6. Doane Paper Jon Contino designed utility notebooks
  1. Important French political manifesto, The Coming Insurrection
  2. Kafka classic with a new cover, The Trial
  3. Craig Thompsons brand-new epic masterpiece, Habibi
  4. Beautiful graphic guide for the fresh and experienced, Farm Anatomy 
  5. Classic wooden toy for kids and adults, Playable Art Ball
  6. Second volume of the popular Russian Criminal Tattoo books, back in print!
  7. Gerhard Richter’s compendium of collected and taken images, 1962-2006, back in print
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