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Modern Etsy: TimberGreenWoods

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Modern Holiday Ideas

Is it already time to be posting about Christmas tree ornaments?! We don’t know, but it’s happening right now. Mainly because we came across these ornaments from Etsy seller TimberGreenWoods and like them so much. Laser cut out of sustainably harvested Wisconsin trees, these adorable snow flake-shaped ornaments are totally modern enough to even fit in with a really modern home. From their listing:

“These cute miniature snowflake ornaments will add a modern rustic designer touch to your Christmas holiday home decor. Our signature gift box presentation gives the look and feel of a box of delicious chocolate candies. Each set of mini flakes includes a collection of unique snowflake designs made from assorted species of wood. Our sustainable sourced wood is all harvested with care from our family farm.” Buy a few here! Pretty good price for what you’re getting, too.

4 Comments to "Modern Etsy: TimberGreenWoods"

  1. I love these ornaments! I certainly don’t think it’s to early to begin searching for unique handmade, Christmas finds! Retailers start putting up their Christmas merch in September (a bit nauseating, I know), so it only make sense that online sellers should be promoting it earlier too, since there is crafting and shipping time involved and their customers want to make sure they can get their goods in time for the big day!

  2. Adrienne,

    It’s definitely not too late! In fact, we’re having our tree-raising (not tree razing) party tomorrow evening! We always put it up the first weekend after Halloween. :)

    If you’re going to get into the Christmas spirit, why not do it as early as possible?

    So we’ll be putting our wooden snowflake ornaments up in less than 24 hours. I’ll grab a couple of pictures for you, if you want them… :)



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