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Modern Etsy: Son of a Sailor

Categories: Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects

Have you been checking out our gift collective guides? We’ve been partnering up with a whole host of awesome bloggers and creative folks to bring you some fabulously modern gift guides for modern moms, modern gents, those who love hosting gatherings and those who have a fetish for stationary. Everyone involved is talented (we mean mega talented) but today we’d like to call out one in particular really melting our cold, modern hearts today.

Son of a Sailor’s Etsy store is so wonderful, so delightful, so awesome, so full of everything we want out of life, we simply must recommend a visit. If you’ve got someone who’s into modern, geometric-themed jewelry, you’ll want to grab up a few of these. Loving the necklaces. Loving the bracelets. Loving the print design. Loving it all. More here.

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