Vid: Matthias Pliessnig Wraps a Thonet Chair

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Loving this video of artist and furniture maker Matthias Pliessnig wrapping a Thonet chair. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Thonet pioneered the art of bending wood, forever opening up a whole new way of using wood in furniture design. The fact that Matthias Pliessnig is using wood—bending it—to transform a Thonet chair into a piece of art is pretty modern—and awesome.

From Matthias: “It’s a sculpture in the context of furniture. I’m in love with Thonet bentwood chairs. The simple elegant designs have survived a century of design evolution and are still considered a staple to restaurants and cafes. The piece is both a celebration of the steam bent chair and a frantic attempt to cover it up, making it unusable. I’ve seen these chairs in landfills and dumpsters… they’re an icon of furniture design evolution. There are no fasteners or glue used in the tangled knot, nor is the wood sanded or finished.” More Matthias.

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