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Make Your Home Ready for the Holidays DIY: How to Make Your Place Look Clean Quickly

Categories: DIY + How To

So you’ve got guests and family arriving on your door step in a few hours and have gotten most of the things on your to do list scratched off except, say, cleaning the house! You don’t have time for a full wall-to-wall cleaning (and why would you want to stress yourself out doing that anyway?). We’ve got a round-up of tips from around the web that will help you fake it until you make it, having a clean house, that is.

Real Simple has a great, room-by-room list of ways in which you can make it look like you live a clean life year long. Apartment Therapy has some super last minute tips to kind of trick folks into thinking it’s cleaner than it is. And AOL has a few more tips by zones that can help you fake clean in a hurry. Some favorites:

  • Flip over couch cushions to reveal the cleaner sides or doing a quick lint rolling (if you’ve got pets)
  • Piling all the cosmetics and junk from the bathroom counters into the tub and hoping no one peeks
  • Throwing some fresh towels up for guests to wash hands
  • Make sure the sinks are clean (before you tackle anything else)
  • Make sure the place at least smells¬†good with candles and air fresheners in the like

‘Fess up! When guests are on their way and you haven’t had time to clean, how do you “fake” a clean house?! Let us know your tips in the comments!

Image: via Desire to Inspire

2 Comments to "Make Your Home Ready for the Holidays DIY: How to Make Your Place Look Clean Quickly"

  1. Grab a laundry basket(s) run around the “public” rooms picking up all the clutter and hide the basket in a bedroom closet. In the kitchen I have hidden pots & pans that are waiting to be hand-washed in the dishwasher and oven. The box&stash method works in any room and after the emergency is over, put everything Away (really!) And you will have a cleaner place.

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